Inkblots -  Artwork by Elaine Asplind Russell
Distinctive Quill Dip Pen and Ink Drawings

Artist Statement

Below is a close up sample to best show you some of the detail which goes into my drawings .Each  dot and mark which you can view on this page are individually placed in a repetitive type pattern which comes to me without any preconceived ideas. You also need to consider this: although the "dots" appear as pixels on a computer, these dots, or stippling, are individually placed on the paper by hand using a traditional dip pen with points which are interchangeable and extremely delicate. These pen points are approximately the width of one or two human hairs ,the point of the pen is similar to that of a sewing needle or in some cases that of a human eyelash.

 Traditional dip pen originated with the actual Quill from a bird, which  has evolved to a miniscule metal NIB or pen point used for drawing. There are difference types of interchangeable points used  as the artist sees fit. Of these points, I prefer what is known as a "Quill" point nib which is one of the most delicate or a fine point nib interchangeably depending on the effect which I seek in my work. Sometimes it is not a cognitive thing but rather flows from my soul as I create to an eclectic mix of music. 

One other thing: remember, each time I need to make a mark on the paper with my pen I need to hand dip it ever so carefully into a small bottle of ink. This may be challenging since the process is extremely delicate touch and if I'm not too careful, I  may ruin months of work on just one drawing though making a dark"blob" of ink on my work.This "Blob" can not be erased  or covered up without ruining the integrity of the piece from my perspective.

It truly is a labor of love, passion ,and  fulfillment of my artistic dreams.

 For further visuals on this subject of "making a dip pen drawing" can be better understood if you view my Artist Biography page on this website.

Here is a close-up taken from the bottom left corner of the piece above: