Inkblots -  Artwork by Elaine Asplind Russell
Distinctive Quill Dip Pen and Ink Drawings

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Thank you for sharing this sight it is great to see your work... I don't get out much these days...And my hardy Congratulations on being part of the Lowel permanent collection.
JAMES HANLON - 27 Feb 2016
Elaine, Your work is charming, intriguing and spurs the imagination. The technique involved is amazing. Roxanne
Roxanne Dent - 7 Feb 2015
really cool art! Love your mind and techniques...inspirational...!
Heiderbou Hasegawa-The Artful Ledge - 2 Feb 2015
As usual I love all your work. It's great and I love your website.
Lynne Santos-Erinna - 22 Nov 2014
Love your amazing drawings. They are almost magical and definately uplifting. Also, your youtube video is fantastic!! Im so happy that this is all coming together for you.
beautiful, delicate work, Elaine!
nikoletta tarkan - 11 Jul 2014
Love the detail in your work, Elaine, especially when you add the odd bits of color. Draws the eye inward, like a focal point before you examine all the interesting nuances in the rest of the drawing. Looking forward to seeing you again at the reception this Saturday.
Eva Glazebrook - 16 Jun 2014
Delightful drawings. A true talent!
Nick Payne - 4 Jan 2014
Love the work. I was glad to see some of your latest work. Great work of art. Got to get some more of your work soon.
Lynne Santos-Erinna - 22 Dec 2013
It's good to see you got this up and running! Good luck with your up-coming workshop, and let me know if you have any web-relate or workshop questions, or to share ideas!
Susan Kneeland - 10 Nov 2013
Hi Elaine, great work. I wish the site would let me blow up the drawings more as much of the detail can not be appreciated. Also 20.00 is too cheep for a double matted print! at least double it!
Vance Evans - 18 Sep 2013
Your new site is quite nice. I enjoyed seeing the newer pieces, the mermaids especially. Beautiful work.
Adrienne Parsons - 6 Apr 2013
Great web site thanks for sharing it on FB. Beautiful and intrigueing work!
Nancy Rusk - 5 Apr 2013
Just checking out your latest gallery additions, keep the creative juices flowing and for goodness sake, stay warm up there!
Debra McConnell - 24 Jan 2013
I love your work, it is different and clearly requires talent and practice. Your subject matter is so often really imaginative and fun, too!
Dina Buccieri - 18 Jan 2013
Such talent! An Alice in Wonderland experience, Mind blowing creativity.
Judy Hastings - 14 Dec 2011
I enjoyed looking at all your artwork. The detail and the whimsy is so refreshing. Love them all.
Adrienne - 16 Nov 2011
Elaine, great work! I especially enjoyed the castles and "others". I cannot believe it is all done in ink with a quill pen!
Matthew Chmielewski - 11 Nov 2011
Wonderfull works of art...creative and thought provoking. Skip
Skip Montello - 10 Nov 2011
I absolutely love the flowing techniques you have developed, and your compositions speak very pleasing contrasts and concords; If I may, it brings me back for a moment to the fantasy influences of my childhood. An enlightening experience. Thank you!
Alex J. Arcisz - 1 Aug 2011
Beautiful work, Elaine! So nice to meet you at the Bridge Gallery. Perfect weather for the reception!
Maureen Roy - 10 Jul 2011
Wicked cool! Love the details! This is real talent so rarely seen!
Harmke Lawrence - 26 May 2011
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