Inkblots -  Artwork by Elaine Asplind Russell
Distinctive Quill Dip Pen and Ink Drawings


(posted on 29 Jan 2015)

Another snow day predicted for tonight possibly into the next few days here in the Northeast..We hope to get the portraits exhibit hung sometime between all the weather predictions and storms @ the Merrimac Public Library. More details to follow!

(posted on 19 Jan 2015)

Please see my EVENTS PAGE for details on the latest! I've been extremely busy with three exhibits! The New Year is off with a "bang"in that reguard in that mattter for me..The first two exhibits are hung which some of my recent works ,and one more to go!The third group exhibit is scheduled to be hung next Monday at the Merrimac Public Library in Merrimac Ma. This exhibit was a group effort from "People Painting Peope" for over about 6 months .This group painted,drew,sketched live model bi-sweekly from the Merrimac Ma. locale from life. These models were excellent given their inexperience in "sittting" for their portraits.I feel that this was an exciting opportunity for me to "spread my wings" artistically speaking..A reception for this event is scheduled for February 21st,noon -2pm. The reception will be free and open to the public! It should be an exciting time to view the portraits and to,meet the artists and some of the models.I hope to meet some of you there!

(posted on 1 Jan 2015)

I started my NEW YEAR off with updating my website.I sincerly hope you like it's new look! More later!

(posted on 29 Nov 2014)

I am pleased to announce that I am currently offering select prints from my original dip pen and ink fine art for sale this holiday season! The prints come framed in standard sizes of 5x7",8"x10", or matted flat prints of said sizes.I am offering the 5x7" framed work for$30.00,and the 8x10" framed prints for $35.00. There also is a slection of signed original framed ink drawings starting at $40.00 each.

The flat matted prints are priced at $10.00 less . Shipping extra.I also create small 5X7 original signiture ,signed number,or letter -matted ,for $60.00 each.Shipping extra.

If you are interested,please contact me with the contact information from this site .Please do not directly email me.Thank you!

Happy holidays and thank you for viewing my website!

(posted on 18 Nov 2014)

This past Sunday I attended the People Painting People group as these opportunities are winding down with an exhibit planned for early 2015 at the Merrimac Public Library on rt. 110 Merrimac Ma. Please contact the library for details as the New Year approaches!

This has most certainly been an opportunity for me to stretch my artistic skills on many levels. It has been a rewarding experience for me to experiment with this.Thank you to Mary Psyche for organizing the group.I look forward to meeeting some of you during the exhibit's reception for the models and artists early next year.

(posted on 13 Nov 2014)

I have been invited to exhibit some of my small works at the Belmont Art Gallery's "Small Works" show/exhibit this holiday season.However,I have also injured my "driving foot",so unless Santa can make an early round to my house,I may have to reserve my holiday small works for another time..we'll see.More later as things progress...

The good news is that I have some work for sale in the Newburyport Art Association's gift shop this year and am taking orders now for commissions for gift giving.Samples of these can be seen at the NAA. Soooo, gratitude for these things and the simple things in my life at this point. Happy thanksgiving to all.Be kind to one another...

(posted on 20 Oct 2014)

'I have been working on two new pieces since the exhibit..One is something I had created as a demo and the other is just and a large mixed media work. I used an assortment of inks,pens,and one other media to create this..I'm not sure exactly where this may go since it is experimental.If I don't like it,I can "file it" under "T".LOL!

(posted on 11 Oct 2014)

Today is the last day for "COLOR BLIND" to be viewed. Since the solo show is composed of fifty of my retrospective pieces ,it may take some time to take the show down,so, please contact the gallery for times after 1pm today. As always,thank you to my friends and patrons who have helped make this show a success. My hope is that my exhibited work has inspired you to think , and maybe altered your perceptions in some way through viewing my "Color Blind" world.

(posted on 7 Oct 2014)

Thank you to all for attending my reception! The ambience was wonderful with the Wertz brothers with their string duet.and the help in the gallery was fantastic from some of my friends. Thanks to the behind the scene help also from the photography to the transportation and hanging of my work. You all rock!

(posted on 26 Sep 2014)

My solo exhibit will soon be opening on Tuesday,September 30th at Newburyport Art Association,65 Water Street,Newburyport,Ma.The opening Artist Reception will be on Sunday afternoon,October 5th from 2-5pm. The gallery is handicapped accessable and, as always my exhibit is free and open to the public.Please view my video on youtube under my name(Elaine Asplind Russell) on my channel . The title of my video is:"Color Blind Inspirations".I'd advise enjoying this video with the sound increased and full screen to fully appreciate the work involved...Remember,I use a DIP pen and ink .Keep in mind the way the work currently electronically translates in pixels. In actuality, each mark was painstakenly applied one mark at a time by hand,using assorted delicate pen points dipped repeatedly into a small container of ink...Creating these delicate pieces of fine art truely is a labor of love and can not be timed by any clock or person made time measure when it is in truth my soul and piece of my heart.....

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