Inkblots -  Artwork by Elaine Asplind Russell
Distinctive Quill Dip Pen and Ink Drawings


After a sweltering hot weekend at Whittier's birth place in Haverhill , Ma. , I was able to start some sketches of the property en plein aire as well as take some reference photos. In addition to this, two of my drawings were on exhibit along with approximately thirty three other pieces of artwork by the Greater Haverhill Art association members during the week end .

Since then ,I have been diligently working on completing my plein aire landscape drawing, which is a change from the usual imaginary themes I usually choose to do with my work. in addition to this, I have chosen to add some minimalist colors in stippling to this piece. It was fun to do this and I look forward to completing it !

The plein aire drawing may be viewed on my Facebook page along with photos of its development into a completed work. I would greatly appreciate any or all constructive comments (pro or con) you may have on this new project. Thank you.