Inkblots -  Artwork by Elaine Asplind Russell
Distinctive Quill Dip Pen and Ink Drawings


For me ,dreaming ,creating, and exhibiting are all part of my life(thankfully) these days ! However sometimes it takes a lot of effort to transport those dreams to their temporary home to be enjoyed by the public. It was this that I experienced recently to get my dreams transported to the Merrimac Public Libray.I had to endure shoveling my car out from five foot drifts of snow,charging my battery to get it going,then transport to the garage for installation of a new battery .Later, I had to load it up from my second floor apartment in by two installments through the unshovelled drifts to my car in hope that the new battery would work ok.Luckily,it did,and my few pieces were transported to the exhibit to be hung on time .Then, all my work in their heavy metal /wood and glass frames had to be transported from my vehicle into the library across a snowy sidewalk to the exhibit space to be joined by the other artists both in person and in solidarity of the project at hand..

Upon completion of this,I was able to then transport myself to the grocery store in hopes of stocking up for the impending weekend storms! I hope that some of you have an opportunity to venture out from the comforts of your home and view this exhibit.It will be worth your while.Please see the library and People Painting people pages on Facebook for more photos and details of this event.