Inkblots -  Artwork by Elaine Asplind Russell
Distinctive Quill Dip Pen and Ink Drawings


(posted on 21 Feb 2016)

Just wanted to give some of you an update !

Spring is indeed soon to come.There has been a lot of artistic activity in my "studio' this winter. I have presently been working on twentysix new pieces ,with more to come by a the end of summer for my new series to be exhibited early fall. Please refer back to this blog for details ..and there is more which I'm anxious to inform you about, but,I presently have some premininsions so you'll just have to revisit this site for that information later this spring.

All being said,sometimes the best work seems to be potentially created under some degree of pressure.I've been experiencing long nights,early awakenings and various other maladies. .. I am trying to think of how fine gemstones are created .My hope is that this recipe will work for me!

Happy spring.May your awakenings be gentle and true.