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Distinctive Quill Dip Pen and Ink Drawings


(posted on 27 Feb 2016)

My original dip pen and ink drawing, "DRAGON MOON" was delivered this morning to it's new PERMANENT HOME at the new LOWELL COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 161 Jackson Street in Lowell,Ma.

Please view my earlier posting about this exciting opportunity. I must say,I am totally honored to have one of my dreams met from when I was a fledgling young artist starting out in the art world ! This is a two -fold joy to see one of my original works soon to be installed among many in a local community health center where not only will it be in the permanent collection ,but will be available to the patients in this facility to view while receiving community health care services. The goal is to use art as a holistic way to healing to varied socioeconomic populations within the Lowell community. As a therapist,and an artist, I feel this is a great fit.

(posted on 21 Feb 2016)

Just wanted to give some of you an update !

Spring is indeed soon to come.There has been a lot of artistic activity in my "studio' this winter. I have presently been working on twentysix new pieces ,with more to come by a the end of summer for my new series to be exhibited early fall. Please refer back to this blog for details ..and there is more which I'm anxious to inform you about, but,I presently have some premininsions so you'll just have to revisit this site for that information later this spring.

All being said,sometimes the best work seems to be potentially created under some degree of pressure.I've been experiencing long nights,early awakenings and various other maladies. .. I am trying to think of how fine gemstones are created .My hope is that this recipe will work for me!

Happy spring.May your awakenings be gentle and true.

(posted on 4 Dec 2015)

Happy holidays !

Some new things are incubating. Please return to this website later in the new year. Thank you for your support.

(posted on 27 Sep 2015)

I love this season !The new works which I have been working on for the past summer and before, finally have been entered into a few different juried exhibits in hopes of being hung in the shows listed on the "EVENTS" page !

I will hopefully be spreading the exposure of my work to some new and some familiar venues and galleries pending acceptance to the juried shows. I never know for sure if my work will be selected depending on what the judge is looking for in it. I must say, it does keep me trying. Good thing I am totatally into the process of creating my dip pen and ink drawings and truly revel in the creative process .Then ,of course, it always(well mostly) is a joy for me to have them appropriately framed and hopefully hung in a gallery for the public to view. So, we'll see. Stay tuned.

Also, please consider viewing my posts n Facebook ,Twitter, or Linked In. I really must say ,there are times that there isn't enough hours in the day to do all that I want to-plus create ! I am looking forward to hunkering down in my studio in the coming months. Meanwhile, I look forward to meeting some of you at the Topsfield Fair where I will be demonstrating my dip pen technique on Oct. 5th from 2-6pm in the Coolidge building.

After a sweltering hot weekend at Whittier's birth place in Haverhill , Ma. , I was able to start some sketches of the property en plein aire as well as take some reference photos. In addition to this, two of my drawings were on exhibit along with approximately thirty three other pieces of artwork by the Greater Haverhill Art association members during the week end .

Since then ,I have been diligently working on completing my plein aire landscape drawing, which is a change from the usual imaginary themes I usually choose to do with my work. in addition to this, I have chosen to add some minimalist colors in stippling to this piece. It was fun to do this and I look forward to completing it !

The plein aire drawing may be viewed on my Facebook page along with photos of its development into a completed work. I would greatly appreciate any or all constructive comments (pro or con) you may have on this new project. Thank you.

(posted on 9 May 2015)

Unfortunately, the Pen and Ink Technique classes have been cancelled for this spring. My apologies to those who signed up,. Apparently there was not enough interest. Please feel free to email me with any comments or concerns. Maybe we can work something out at a later date. Please use the contact page on this site. Thanks and so sorry it didn't work out!

(posted on 15 Apr 2015)

My submitted work may be viewed on the ArtUp online gallery for the health care center in Lowell,Massachusetts,USA. I am honored to have this opportunity and thrilled to have 2/3 pieces selected for this gallery.

Selected work may be purchased through this venue .

(posted on 23 Mar 2015)

I am pleased to announce that my work was selected for an entry into the Newburyport Art Association's June Fundraiser Auction based on it's artistic merits with the association and within the artistic community ! So, after much deliberation, I finally selected a lovely still life, "Material Girl" which is a very traditional rendition of a real time still life rendered in Dip Pen and Ink with Prisma Color . This drawing may be viewed on this website under "Decorative" Gallery. This selection was hand picked from my basis of completed, framed ,work because I thought it unique in it's interpretation of the subject matter and demonstrates my style with the traditional Dip pen and ink also."Material Girl" is a delicate rendition executed in real time only from a still life which I had set up in my studio. I hope that you like it .

More information on the NAA auction can be discovered on the website: http// .

(posted on 14 Mar 2015)

Spring may not have actually started here much in the Northeast of Massachusettes,but I think it most certainly has continued it the spirit of 2015 for me artistically, The Spring season is around the corner and that means more opportunities to display my work . Please view my events page on this website for all the details ! I hope that some of you get a chance to view my work in real time ,and if you do, please introduce yourselves to me!

Have a great spring !

For me ,dreaming ,creating, and exhibiting are all part of my life(thankfully) these days ! However sometimes it takes a lot of effort to transport those dreams to their temporary home to be enjoyed by the public. It was this that I experienced recently to get my dreams transported to the Merrimac Public Libray.I had to endure shoveling my car out from five foot drifts of snow,charging my battery to get it going,then transport to the garage for installation of a new battery .Later, I had to load it up from my second floor apartment in by two installments through the unshovelled drifts to my car in hope that the new battery would work ok.Luckily,it did,and my few pieces were transported to the exhibit to be hung on time .Then, all my work in their heavy metal /wood and glass frames had to be transported from my vehicle into the library across a snowy sidewalk to the exhibit space to be joined by the other artists both in person and in solidarity of the project at hand..

Upon completion of this,I was able to then transport myself to the grocery store in hopes of stocking up for the impending weekend storms! I hope that some of you have an opportunity to venture out from the comforts of your home and view this exhibit.It will be worth your while.Please see the library and People Painting people pages on Facebook for more photos and details of this event.

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